let’s draw out your sovereignty

We all need a little support now and again to reach into ourselves, find what is calling our name and coax it into the light. I'd be honoured to assist you in untangling your threads, calling out your gifts, and encouraging your medicine to do it’s thing in our ailing world.

I offer support specifically around personal sovereignty, self-governance, dharma and the complex relationship between personal & social responsibility.

If resentment, worry about judgement from others, excessive second guessing and/or creative frustration are playing a role in your life, I may be for you. If lovingly disrupting status quo and giving your best effort towards a more beautiful world are part of your mojo, you are for me.

Local (Victoria, BC) and long distance consults available.

Your session is offered within the gift economy.

To gift is not to make ‘free’ but to offer with sovereignty. Your return gift - whether in direct support to me, elsewhere or nowhere - is your sovereign choice.

Give what feels right.

(Consider it your first assignment.)