On Sovereignty - The Podcast

Welcome to Season One


real talk on sovereignty

An impromptu episode with a dear friend. Just two ladies talking about sovereignty whilst managing their dogs.

This is a good one, if we say so ourselves.

Warning: A couple (or three)
F-bombs get dropped.



Why even talk about this?

Raising Sovereign children

In this inaugural 48-minute episode, I check in with the person who first inspired my curiosity and devotion to the subject of sovereignty.

Join me and my 19-year-old son as we discuss whether my intention to raise sovereign children was a failed experiment.


Sovereignty & Mental Health

The episode in which I ask a psychiatrist if he is enforcing an unhealthy status quo, whether involuntary committals strip people of their sovereignty and whether he’d stop me from killing myself.

(The psychiatrist may or may not be my husband. Tune in to find out)