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River of Letting Go

She was trapped in a rock called Status Quo,
gazing at the river of Letting Go.

Twisting and writhing, 
shifting, complaining,
stretching, contracting, 
expanding and relaxing, 
contorting herself to
please all.

She was blocking the path with indecision,
praying for light but not letting it in.
She was holding steady
because women
who let themselves go,
who don’t do what they’re told,
who don’t follow the mold,
are ugly and old.

And unfuckable.

Ban her to the land of Irrelevance!

Would her sisters tell her she was too big for her britches?
Would her brothers say she was a selfish bitch?
Would her family recoil?

She was so tightly rolled in this small little hole
yet felt she was taking up

She’s been hiding her holy for so long
Adorning shame on her body
Defending a life she doesn’t believe in and
Hearing no voice like her own.

She collapsed into exhaustion
She gave up her fighting
She had no control.

She let herself go.

In her submission
She followed the holy
Right into her longing
Back into belonging

And the river came and carried her home.

Show Me

I am ready to be astonished.
I am ready to be amazed.
I'm ready to shed my story.
to stumble
without eyes, 
into a new world,
on wobbly legs.

Show me.

I am ready for devotion.
I am ready to strip bare. 
I'm ready to give in.
to soften
my frozen edges
the forest floor.

Show me.

I am ready for new skin.
I am ready to open.
I'm ready for submission.
for life as a

Show me.

I am yours.
Show me.
I am yours.
Show me.
I am yours.
Show me.

Life, I am yours.
Show me what I'm made of.

I am ready to be astonished.
I am ready to be amazed.

River II

The dam broke.

In an instant, 
she awoke
six feet under,
like a rock made shiny
by a current on a mission
and life with a vision
to restore Her.

If she were to survive
the speed of the tide
she had to
it had her
best interests in mind.

There were frogs in her throat
and rocks in her pockets
branches reached out from the shore
to violently stop her. 
(She knew them.)

Resisting now would surely kill her.
Powering through, equally foolish.

She called out to Synergy
to marry her will
to the strength of the current.

Yes to the river!
Yes to the rhythm!
Yes to the unknowable flow!

The river rolled her
over and over
skin scratched and torn
face shattered and worn

it spat her out
on a foreign shore
she looked like a rock whose
purpose was newly discovered.


The Circle

We give to the circle,
it gives back.

We give to each other,
each other gives back.
We give to the dream,
it dreams back.

This giving/receiving
is exactly like





We give in.
We give out.



Where'd I Go?

I forgot who I was there.
A moment ago.
I’m not sure what happened.
I guess I was distracted
And got swept in the undertow
Through muddy terrain
Where lecherous creatures
Crawled at my skin
They dragged me down under
And poured me foul medicine

I didn't want to drink.

I forgot who I was there
A moment ago.
Forgot what I’d been given
Forgot about the joy
The exultation of living
I thought
All the evidence
Was in
And there was
No point
No hope.

But as long as these bones
Carry my skin
As long as my breath
Animates this instrument
As long as this woman
Moves in
And out
Of darkness
And daylight
She will honour the miracle
Of being alive.