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An Original Screenplay by Sandy Ibrahim


Inanna, the powerful and alluring Sumerian queen, defies the Sky Gods and abandons her throne to comfort her widowed sister, Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld. After a gruelling and humiliating descent, Inanna is sentenced to die, but the Goddess is not so easy to kill.

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what do women desire most of all?

Some think we desire to be beautiful, or rich and powerful, or have the attention of men and the envy of other women.  I believe that what we desire above all is self-sovereignty.  We wish to rule our lives as we see fit. 

How hard can that be?  (smile)


the sovereign woman dares

The sovereign woman dares to empty her cupboards of plastic food and tends to her own garden. She dares to stand for truth and walks her own road to find it. She’s finding the dark places that have held her hostage. She defies expectations. She is focused and determined. She could turn things upside down. She's had it with status quo. She’s a warrior. A rebel. Some say she is being awakened by the divine feminine or by Gaia herself. I think she's just run out of patience. She may make jackets for caterpillars, be a lawyer, a school teacher, an architect, a mumma, a scientist, a writer, a healer, a dancer — whatever she does, she is faithful to who she is. She is the peony blooming, she is the wave cresting, she is the spark of creativity that created the whole damn thing — and here five minutes to midnight, on wobbly feet – she has arrived.

I hope you'll join me in welcoming her.

the book



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author sandy ibrahim


Sandy is a Canadian of Egyptian and German descent. She does not know if her grandmothers are cheering her on or rolling over in their graves. After leaving her childhood home at 17, she has been pursuing sovereignty while maintaining a state of reverent bewilderment. She's spent the last two decades raising two sons and has worked as a systems analyst, a boxing coach and a book marketer. She lives with her family in Victoria, BC and is often seen throwing sticks into the ocean.

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
— Albert Camus